About Us

H.I.S is committed to create a rich and powerful curriculum which instills academic excellence, promotes self-reliance and encourages respect and appreciation through a variety of learning experiences. H.I.S strives hard to reach academic excellence every year.

Our curriculum aims to focus on the benefits learning. Teachers and teacher assistants strive to deliver the very best lessons and extracurricular activities for every pupil. We work hard to make learning stimulating and to guarantee that all pupils are involved and working towards filling their amazing potentials. It is our mission to bring out the best in every learner, to see every one of them sparkle!

Our school has a sense of uniqueness as it firmly believes we are ‘one family’. The family consisting of parents, the students and the teachers.

We are supported by fantastic parents, who have over the years have appreciated and accepted our decisions, which have enhanced the learning of their child.