Pearls of wisdom from the Academic Director

Mrs Cumrun Khan is a British National, MA in International Education, CELTA/TEFL qualified and Cambridge ‘Train the Trainer’ certified. Mrs Khan moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2004 from the United Kingdom and has been with Hera School management since 2010.

Mrs Khan is a firm believer that your inner passion can drive you to success, and that the foundation for successful education is the belief and passion that all obstacles can be overcome. The goal for every teacher and every student at Hera International School is to have passion for their work, passion for international collaboration, and passion for themselves: only then can we produce great learners. This can only come to fruition if strong moral leadership is demonstrated, with all members of the Hera team becoming role models for their learners.

Mrs Khan strongly focuses on the development of the child socially and academically. She believes in providing excellent education paired with the holistic development of the child, in line with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Mrs Khan and her team believe that, at Hera International School, we are one family. Parent  Teacher  Child. We believe that success is only possible when there is teamwork between all parties.

Respecting yourself and respecting others is very important at Hera School: whether face to face or whilst remote learning, we still expect our students to behave impeccably. The teachers will focus on classroom rules and good discipline.

Hera International School follow the Cambridge pathway for learner attributes.

We aim to develop students to become Reflective, Engaged, Confident, Innovative, and Responsible.

We believe that education will help our children to Read, Lead and then Succeed.